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Videograph beim filmen einer Hochzeit


What you can expect...

Everyone is different and/or has different needs...AND THAT'S A GOOD THING! Just like with my projects! In my entire career since 2018, I have not come across a project that would have been comparable...each one is different. And that's exactly why it's so easy for me to respond to your needs. Think of it this way... anything you can imagine I can capture on screen forever. And even more....

It's about Authenticity! 

We will spend a lot of time together and it should be as nice as possible! Shoots with me are very fun and relaxed with good music in the studio or a good mood at a location. I don't see you as a customer but try to build up a good long-term relationship...

Videograph posierend im Studio


I have all the tools you need ready for you. Whether it's images or videos that serve as inspiration or a mood board that we create together to capture the right vibe or if you just have questions - I'm here for you.

Videograph posierend im Studio


Since we spend a lot of time together, I want to make it as beautiful as possible. I'll keep your memories forever, but I'll also be there with you personally at every stage of the project!

Close Up vom auge eines Videographen mit Kamera-Reflektion im Auge


It. Goes. Always. Around. Communication. No without a joke. We will write or call a lot up to personal revision to get the best out of the project.

Videograph posierend in Portugal


... I will never try to persuade you to book me.


Finding a videographer that is right for you is incredibly important - the perspective of the person you hire will be the lens through which you will relive those memories and stories for the rest of your life.


So if you resonate with my personality and style and would love to create awesome content together, great! If not, don't worry - there are many other amazingly talented creatives out there and I'll be happy to point you in their direction, no bad blood about it.

Let's make your dream come true!

Ready to chat about how we can team up and work some magic? Just get in touch and let's discuss details.

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