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Videograph auf Chesterfield-Sessel im Studio

I'm glad you want to know more!

So, as we already know, my name is Tim Spiegelhofer. I am currently still in my proud 20s and was born and raised in Perchtoldsdorf (south of Vienna). I got into video because I wanted to be an actor before. However, through a few conversations, it turned out that I prefer to be behind the camera than in front of it. So I did my Matura at the HTL Mödling in the department of construction engineering (yes, I know ....) and then, after my basic military service, to study "video production" at the German POP. During my time at Deutsche POP, I found my passion in the field of video, which is why I then started my own business. All my decisions and experiences have ultimately led to the fact that I am writing this and you are reading this. 

Professional career 


Graduation from high school
HTL Modling

At first I thought to myself, yes, I'm very creative, why not become an architect. Until I realized after one semester at the HTL that construction is not for me.



Neustift 13

My parents have owned our wine tavern at Neustiftgasse 13 since 2014. I actively try to support and relieve them of all sensitive activities.


Graduate Video Producer
German pop

In 2017 I was able to pursue my true passion for the first time. Dem make films. I got my diploma as a video producer from Deutsche POP which:  Filmeditor ▪ Media manager  ▪ Camera assistant ▪ Cameraman ▪ Project Manager ▪ Cutter included.

Videograph beim Shooting mit Langzeitbelichtung

my story

How did I get where I am today?

Aside from the milestones mentioned above, I've always had a helping hand everywhere. After five years in an ice cream shop, various other wine taverns or several social projects in South Africa or Ecuador, I was never above getting my hands dirty. I hope my work reflects well how much heart and soul I put into each of my projects. And if you like me or my work, I would be very happy if we could get in touch.

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